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SUMINAGASHI: The Art of Floating Ink | Ages 14+

Suminagashi (sue-me-na-gashi) is the ancient Japanese technique of paper marbling. Dating back to the 12th century, it originated as a meditative practice that combines water, ink, and “chi” (energy flow). Each pattern is unique and unreproducible, like a fingerprint of the creator!

In this fun 2-hour workshop, Jessica with Jlowatercolor demonstrates how to make Suminagashi prints and encourages participants to explore their creativity. Everyone has the opportunity to make a multitude of prints. Students will walk away with a folder of their work and a new stunning piece of art ready to frame!

All supplies included. TMA members receive 10% off all registrations.

Jessica Lomena | Art Educator

Jessica Lomena is a self-taught watercolor artist and small business owner of Jlowatercolor. A Wisconsin native, her artwork is often centered on the natural world and rooted in themes of balance. She is passionate about supporting local artists and is the creator of the Oshkosh Art Collective.


Jan 13 2024


3:00 PM - 5:00 PM



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