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Found Printmaking | Age 8-11

There are many different types of printmaking from all over the world, but they all involve putting ink on a surface and pressing it to fibrous material. In this class, we’ll get inspired by Japanese gyotaku, or fish printing, and look around our environment for found printing surfaces. Participants will explore areas around the museum and find printing blocks in [...]

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Multi-Art | Age 8-11

In this camp, participants will engage with diverse art forms, nurturing creativity, skill development, and self-expression. Led by experienced instructors, our program emphasizes collaboration, experimentation, and individual growth. Explore painting techniques from watercolor landscapes to abstract expressionism. Mold clay into unique sculptures, exploring form, texture, and composition. Experiment with mixed media to create multimedia artworks that push the boundaries of [...]

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Bookmaking | Age 8-11

Bookbinding can take many forms, but the best-known in the western world is the codex. This is the classic book form many of us grew up with, involving a stack of paper housed inside a hard or soft cover. In this week-long camp, we’ll learn how to make paper, build a cover, and bind our own blank book. Students will [...]

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Drawing & Painting Your Pet | Age 8-11

If you love animals and want to learn how to draw and paint pet portraits, this class can help hone your skills and make art that captures the spirit of your best friend. Treasure your pet forever with a carefully hand-crafted pet portrait painted by you! You will learn how to add highlights, mid-tones, and shadows as well as techniques [...]

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Clay & Sculpture | Age 8-11

Artists will have the opportunity to create cups, figures, plates, and anything else they can imagine during “Clay and Sculpture.” Artists will have a wide variety of themes—such as potions, woodland creatures, gifts, and functional pottery. This class is both for beginners and those who have experience working with clay. Both wheel throwing and hand building will be taught. All [...]

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